Foundry 66 is your home away from home for your small business. We are the perfect place to access Wi-Fi, meet a client, interact with other like-minded individuals, hold a meeting, take classes, and build your business.

We provide a space that promotes small business development and growth. We accomplish this by offering a wide range of small business focused packages including office and business space rentals, diverse and inclusive programs and events, managed technology assets, and assistance in removing the obstacles to your success.

About Foundry 66

What sets Foundry 66 apart? 

Foundry 66 is a Co-Work space that allows small businesses to rent workspace while being part of a greater community with fresh ideas and big goals. 

We bring entrepreneurs and small business people together into a shared working environment and independent activity center. 

Our members are usually not employed by the same organization but will benefit from shared services. It is also a place for social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values and synergy that can happen from working alongside others. In other words, Foundry 66  is more defined by its members than its management. 

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