October 1, 2021

Norwich, CT - Norwich Community Development Corporation and the City of Norwich are pleased to announce a Code Correction and Vanilla Box Project award of $10,073 to Ventura Barbershop. The grant was made possible through the American Rescue Plan funding received by the City of Norwich.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Carlos envisioned a better life for himself and his young family. Settling in Norwich, he found himself ready to open his own business. With the support of friends, family, NCDC, and the City of Norwich, he has been able to open a space of his own.

Owners Carlos and Brenda Ventura dedicated themselves to rehabilitating and opening a formerly vacant location on Jewitt City Road in the Taftville section of Norwich. Reimbursing approximately 1/3 of the costs to bring the space into Code Compliance and occupancy readiness, the matching grant program directly supports this local, minority owned service business, once again demonstrating the need for the Code Correction Program and the Vanilla Box Project.  

NCDC is proud to partner with the City of Norwich, property owners, developers, and entrepreneurs to continue to revitalize our community.

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You can read more about the opening of Ventura Barbershop here:  The Day - Taftville barbershop turns grand opening into a festival Friday - News from southeastern Connecticut